Engraving: Rings with Hidden Messages

January 13 2015

Hidden inside Maria’s wedding band is a secret message from her husband, Bob. Next to the engraved initials and wedding date is the Roman numeral XXIX. After their wedding, Rob presented Maria with Shakespeare’s XXIX sonnet.

“It’s a romantic poem,” she says. “However, it is too long to put in a ring. Every time I look inside my ring, I am reminded of this wonderful sentiment.”

Many couples engrave messages inside their wedding bands. The most popular are initials and wedding dates. One bride, who wanted her husband to remember important occasions in their lives, had her anniversary and birthday engraved inside her husband’s wedding band. This way he will never forget.

Writing brief messages inside a wedding band is a growing trend. The trick is to write a short verse or saying, and to use shorthand that is easy to understand. One bride wrote, “2 the 1 who makes me smile” inside her husband’s ring.

The top five sayings are:

1. Always
2. 4-ever
3. You’re special
4. I love u
5. My partner

Humor shows up too. One bride told an engraver to inscribe, “Put back on.” This way, whenever the groom took off the ring, he was reminded to put it back on.