Stackable Wedding Bands: Double the sparkle, Double the fun.

March 20 2015
Wedding season is quickly approaching! We have spent the past several months watching the news of engagements break out like wildfire on social media. This left us thinking about the most important symbol of marriage; the wedding band. Diamond engagement rings tend to get all of the attention when it comes to weddings, but few people realize that wedding bands can be equally stunning, unique, and symbolic. 
Just as brides come in all shapes and sizes, so do their wedding bands. Many brides often go the traditional route with a single band of gold or silver, but stackable bands have become a key jewelry trend recently. Why have just one wedding band when you can have multiple bands in mixed metals that you can wear alone or stack in endless combinations? This trend allows for a lifetime of possibilities. For each major milestone you and your partner pass, you can add a new band. That way each ring will have a special meaning, and your rings together will represent the life you have built together. 
Bend tradition - slightly or substantially - with our beautiful selection of wedding bands as unique as the bride. Dawes Design and Anne Sportun's collections allow you to create a truly unique combination that is special to you.