Wedding Gift Guide

April 14 2015
You're invited to a wedding... What should you get the happy couple? Buying a wedding gift is quite an honor.
Whether you are a family member or a dear friend, you're part of their special day, a day they will remembered forever. Curate will help you decide on a gift that will fit the event and look incredible in the home as well. 
Michael Aram Picure Frames-
In Hindi -aram- means -gently, with peace, with love and care.- This aptly describes the work of American born artist Michael Aram. Using the rich tradition of metal working he found during a trip to India, Michael Aram pieces are lovingly made using age old traditional techniques. Each frame is an extraordinary object which causes us to pause and consider them -- creating a sense of ritual and ceremony in their day-to-day use. Looking to add a personal touch? Add a memorable picture of the beautiful couple to knock this gift out of the park. 
Wendy Durand Serving Tray and Bowls-
Wendy Durand's pieces are lovely and functional. Her shapes are organic, ranging from elegant curves to the angular, and her glazes are rich. Any of the pieces below would look incredible in the lovely couple's home. It is hard not to fall in love with the elegance of Wendy's black and white checkered design. 
Hilborn Pottery Designs Ceramics-
Hilborn Pottery Designs creates unique and functional ceramic serving pieces of exceptional quality and unusual flowing style. These Canadian handmade ceramic designs and concepts are all hand made in Cambridge Ontario and feature organic styles in an array of custom designed glazes. Elegant and eye catching, just like the beautiful bride. 
Top: Brie Baker, Chip & Dip Set
Bottom: Double Serving Bowl, Salad Bowl
Oliva Wood Household Items-
Oliva Wood makes beautiful household items out of olive trees in Tunisia. The rich grain and organic shapes make these serving pieces beautiful. Oliva Wood takes great pride not only in the outstanding quality of their product, but every product that bears their name is made ethically and in a socially responsible way, handmade, food safe and natural. This gift will not disappoint; Oliva Wood's pieces are truly stunning. 
Top: Mortar and Pestle, Cutting/Serving Board
Bottom: Three Section Serving Bowl
This marriage will hopefully last a lifetime, and you want a gift that will reflect this unique bond with something as special as the couple. Any of the above wedding gifts will show them how much being part of their special day means to you.