Anne Sportun Fine Jewellery: Inspired by her Dad

July 07 2015

While most girls were playing with dolls, Anne Sportun preferred making necklaces, rings, bracelets, and other types of jewelry using her father’s tools. Her dad worked as a high school shop instructor and kept a lot of tools at home.

While most parents keep their children away from tools, Anne’s dad encouraged her and taught her how to safely use them.

Anne took to jewelry making so much that at age 16 she placed her first wholesale order. At the time, she had no idea that she would become a professional jewelry designer. She thought about becoming an archaeologist. She deferred her academic studies in that field to take courses in jewelry making.

In 1987, she held an assortment of odd jobs in order to make ends meet. One of the jobs she held was working part-time at an architect’s office. It was there that she met Barbara Kelly, who loved Anne’s work. The two launched a jewelry design company together. Barbara represented Anne’s work at international trade shows, and Anne devoted her time to making fine jewelry.

The business grew, and they opened their first store in Toronto. Today, they still work as a team. Anne oversees every detail of crafting fine jewelry, and Barbara travels across North America appearing at trunk shows and exhibiting at trade expos.

Anne Sportun Jewelry is known for being both casual and elegant. Her designs are nature inspired and she says that she finds her creativity in “nature’s rhythms.”

“My work is a distillation of the world around me,” she explains. “I am deeply drawn to nature’s elegant tranquilities. The tranquility around me creates a deep well from which I can draw.”

Anne Sportun 18kyg 2 mm wide gold wave plain band  Anne Sportun 18kyg stick, two bands with 7x.005RBCs (round brilliant cut) diamonds for .035tcw

Anne Sportun has a large fan base. In 2003, her contribution to the art of jewelry making was recognized by the Canadian government with the image of her hands and jewelry featured on a Canadian postage stamp. Click here to browse Curate's Anne Sportun collection.