Hostess Gifts for Summer Travel

July 10 2015

Summer is the most common time to take a well deserved vacation. The weather is warm, school's out and everything feels a bit more relaxed. If you're lucky enough to have friends or family with a beach house in the Hamptons, mountain cabin or pied-a-terre in the heart of a bustling city and spare bedroom willing to share, that's even better. After you book your plane tickets but before you finish packing, make sure to give some thought to an appropriate hostess or host gift. Good manners dictate that you do something nice to show appreciation for the hospitality extended. 

There are several schools of thought when it comes to selecting gifts. Some believe that picking up the tab for an evening out is sufficient, but conventional wisdom is that it's in poor taste to not leave some small token or have something sent after your stay. After all, as a house guest you will be getting fed three square meals a day, creating a pile of laundry and generally imposing no matter how clean and quiet you and your family are. Picking up the check for dinner doesn't quite balance the table.

When selecting a gift, give some thought to the likes and dislikes of your hosts and the type of property in which they live. What you may take to your friends' house at The Cape is not necessarily the best choice in exchange for lodging in a cousin's Manhattan brownstone. A thoughtful gift will fit the season and work with the surroundings. It also should reflect whether your hosts are male or female. 

One of the most popular choices for a houseguest to show up with or have shipped is beautifully packaged bath products. As a guest you'll be afforded the luxury of scented soaps and the good towels so why not help your gracious hosts replenish their stock. Individually wrapped soaps, scented candles and decadent lotions can fill out a basket and make a wonderful way to thank the proprietor of your impromptu bed and breakfast. We carry Graybill & Downs products that would be perfect choices.

Depending on your relation with your hosts, a more personal gift for the home may also be appropriate. Picture frames, candle sticks, bar accessories and the usual standbys on wedding registries are all acceptable choices. The best gifts, however, are those you'd never buy for yourself but secretly lust after because no matter how frivolous, they are beautiful. Think about hand crafted trinkets that are tiny works of art. This is the kind of gift that will insure a return invite and truly be remembered and appreciated. 

Household items made from blown glass, semi-precious stones and hand carved wood are all good possibilities. Something as simple as a small sculpture for the windowsill or a shiny gadget for the kitchen counter can go a long way. Your vacation may be all about appreciating nature and the top attractions so there's good reason to bring some of that beauty and excitement into your friends' home.  

Finding the perfect gift for all occasions and individuals is an art. If you need ideas on selecting that perfect something for a college friend, business associate or long lost relative extending hospitality then contact us. Our online emporium has elegant, tasteful gifts that send just the right message and can be gift wrapped for your convenience. We'd be happy to make suggestions but once you start browsing don't be surprised at how easy it is to fall in love with the many treasures offered. The good manners obligatory gift may not be the only thing that catches your eye.