The Proposal: Creating Your Perfect Engagement Story

October 15 2015

Whether you have been dating for only a short time, or your relationship has spanned years, eventually you reach the place where you know you want to spend the rest of your life with this person. If you are ready to get engaged to your significant other, you want the proposal to be perfect. After all, how she got engaged is going to be a story she will tell her friends and family for years to come. Like many things in life, there is no one perfect way to propose. A proposal is a personal experience, which should be unique for each couple. Even though a proposal should a unique experience, there are three questions you can ask yourself to help you plan the perfect proposal.

Should It Be Public or Private?

While some couples get engaged in front of family and friends or even perfect strangers, other couples would rather make it a private event. Deciding upon the privacy level of your proposal will depend upon both your personalities. If you are torn on which option is best, you might want to attempt to subtly figure it out. If she is a private person, she may want the experience to be a little more private. If she is really close to her family, she might appreciate having them there. Chances are, no matter which you pick, she will love it, because it will be special for you both.

What Are Her Biggest Interests?

Does she love sports? Although it might be stereotypical and perhaps a little cheesy, she might appreciate a scoreboard proposal at a home game for her favorite team. You could also do a slightly less elaborate sports proposal by including a ring in a box of Cracker Jack or some other personal way, which makes the proposal special and little intimate while also allowing her to enjoy the moment at a sporting event.

If she is a fan of sports but you want the event to be a little more private, you could incorporate the proposal into a sporting event just involving the two of you or a small group. Hang the ring from her tennis racket so she will see it as she pulls the racket out of the case. Hike your favorite mountain trail, and propose at the top. Do whatever makes sense for your relationship.

If she is a fan of a specific singer, singing group, or song, propose at a concert, or sing her favorite song (or have someone else do the singing), changing the lyrics to include her name or something special about your relationship. If she likes crossword puzzles or word searches, create one specifically about your relationship. With a word search, the leftover letters could spell out: “Will you marry me?” or a similar message. Be creative. You know what she likes. Use her interests to create a great proposal.  

What Is Special to Your Relationship?

Consider a place, event, or other thing which is important to your relationship. Propose where you first met her or where you had your first date. Fake a flat tire like happened on the date where you knew you wanted to marry her. Include an inside joke as part of the proposal. Make the experience unique for the two of you.   

If you are completely at a loss for how to propose, consider some of these real proposal stories. Decide on one thing you know you want incorporated into the proposal, and you can read about other people’s successful proposals. For example, if she is sporty, there are ideas for that. If you want the proposal to be spontaneous, there are ideas for that. There are proposals which include family and friends.

Of course, the engagement is about more than just the proposal. Contact us to buy the ring, an engagement gift for your bride (or groom), or anything else you want to buy to show your love for your future spouse.