Home Goods for All and for All a Good Home

December 07 2015

Said George Washington, “I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world.”

Isn’t it true? Our homes are a piece of us, a very piece of our soul poured out for our own pleasure and peace. Our homes exhibit our own person. Then we invite the people we love to take part. We sit and laugh and we drink wine like we’re in an Olive Garden commercial. Everyone is family when they’re in our home.

At least that’s what we wish. Yet purchasing a house and carrying items into it does not denote the home of anyone. A home is made only after careful planning and long-time searching for items that speak to the very core of you.

The things that fill your home are no doubt only things that can be replaced, but sometimes you find a collection of tangibilities that become a piece of—the essence of—your home. And these are things that you hope to never have to replace because you love them so much, like you love the very walls that hold up your shelter, like you love all the people who live under your roof. We’re talking about details, here. Things exist that have the power to bring a little more joy to your life. The spoons that you stir with while making cupcakes, the pitcher in which your serve sparkling water at a dinner party, the grill flipper with which the hamburgers are made juicy and perfect.

A home should be artful, meaning it should be everything that its owner loves in life.

Unique home goods can be exciting splurges to encourage self-cheer, but you can take your knowledge of home goods and give great gifts for anyone in your life, including a spouse, a grandparent, a best friend or a newly married couple. Yet specific taste and sense of humor must be considered. Let’s take two personalities for example:

The Practical Person: a gift that is useful, but that has a spin of wit or a tinge of beauty about it could be just the thing that your practical friend desires. In fact, wouldn’t you agree that almost no one wants a purely practical gift? Practical people like to receive the kinds of gifts that they can use, but that also give them a little chuckle or a tad bit of serenity or sentimentality. A practical person might never tell you they want something other than clothing and kitchen utensils, but a thoughtful gift (as opposed to an obvious gift) is always well-received. If you know that your gift-recipient only wants items for the kitchen, perhaps an extraordinary set of knives or a stunning set of serving bowls are in order.

The Frivolous Person: art will be appreciated in any form. To the person who takes great delight in the visual appearance of their home, to the person who is a natural jokester, to the person who indulges, art is of great value. A frivolous person loves to find humor among the mundane because it is only for the pleasures of life (not the organization or the complacency of life) that they live anyway. A beautiful statue to sit atop their mantle might be just the thing they are looking for to add to the life of their home.

Whether you are searching out unique items for your own home, or looking for the perfect birthday gift for your new friend, we invite you to contact us. We are experts in beauty and rarity. We believe that some things exist solely to speak volumes wherever they land. So let us help beautify your life. Let us help make your home become a place that you could never leave, alas even should you be offered emperorship of the world.