Gifts to Go: Unique Gifts for the Traveler in Your Life

December 08 2015

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

                                     - Susan Sontag

Are you shopping for the friend or family member with a wandering bent?

Whether their destination is Paris or Peru, Segou or Santa Fe, you know there’s an adventure in the making. Be part of the fun with travel-related gifts that help the recipient carry it, organize it and deal with it throughout their travels. 


Successful travelers know that taking care of important items like passports and credit cards is crucial. Doing it in style is even better.

Passport please…

Help your friend both contain and celebrate their stamp-filled passport with an elegant and colorful Italian leather passport holder by Mywalit. Who knows—with this passport holder, your friend might even get a smile out of those ever-grim Customs Agents!

Leather beats plastic...

Or you can help the traveler organize all of his/her cards with a simple, elegant credit card holder made of supple leather. Created by Wolfram & Lohr in the U.K. in a time-honored design, the leather will develop a well-traveled patina over time.

Pop one of these…

If you have a friend with a sly sense of humor, our Shannon Martin Pillbox would be the ideal thing. The front of each pillbox has a vintage photograph and a humorous saying.

Pick the one that fits your gift recipient best:

I’m going crazy, want to come along?

Does running late count as cardio?

Watch out world, I’ve got my sassy pants on today.

I may not be much, but I’m all I think about.

Who says practical can’t be fun?


Packing for a trip is an art in itself, so a gift that will help the recipient conquer the suitcase chaos will be especially welcome.

For les femmes…

Consider this well-designed duo-zip toiletries case, created by Kestrel. It comes in floral or black & white and has a wipe-to-clean lining.

And for les hommes:

How about an Upcycled Rubber Dopp kit? This kit is produced by Alchemy Goods for the man who appreciates a combination of eco-friendliness, style and durability in his products.


There’s no denying it, travel can sometimes be stressful. Whether it’s fear of flying, anxiety about asking for directions in Portuguese, or navigating the London Underground, there are times when even the most seasoned traveler can use a little help in the serenity department.

A calming scent…

For that wind-down time in the hotel (or to mask some undesired aromas), a scented candle is a perfect gift.

Graybill & Downs has created candles that are inspired by their southern and English heritage. There are six divine scents to choose from including wild honeysuckle and jasmine, fleur de coton and white pine.

Power for the road…

Your intrepid traveler never seems to run out of energy, but sometimes his/her phone or tablet does. Lend a hand with the gift of a Triple C backup battery charger. As stylish as it is handy, this wallet-sized charger comes in pink, black, gold and silver.

Squeeze me please…

Or maybe a stressball is the ticket to calm. But not just any stressball will do. These whimsical ones are made in Japan and come in a myriad of expressions and colors (grey or pastel) or in hilarious veggie (eggplant, tomato or green pepper) faces. 

Curate Gifts selects the best and the most unique...

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