Tips and Tricks for Bridal Shower Gifts

December 09 2015

Weddings are special occasions that are often the biggest moments in the bride's life. That's why you need to be careful when choosing the best possible bridal shower gift. Selecting the wrong gift can create a nasty little faux pas that can be difficult from which to recover.

Follow these tips when selecting a gift (and celebrating the bridal shower gift opening ceremony) to ensure everything goes smoothly.



Read Her Registries

Before you set foot in real-life or online shop, you seriously need to look at the wedding registry. These days, people create highly detailed (and sometimes expensive) gift registries that are designed to help guests buy the gifts that the couple wants and needs.

Even if you don't plan on buying from any of these registries, they can be useful for giving you a buying guide. For example, most registries “check” off the gifts when someone buys them. Find gifts for the bride that no one else is buying and get the same thing or something similar.

It can also help steer you towards what types of gifts the bride wants. Even if you don't buy something exactly like the set of pots and pans she's looking for, you can buy a kitchen item, such as a new set of chopping knives, that she may not even have on her list.

Be Creative

When it comes right down to it, the best bridal shower gifts are creative ones that show a little personality and a lot of love. The following creative gift ideas are the perfect way to expand beyond the typical "same old" gifts she'll quickly get sick of opening.

Some of these gift ideas include:

  • Unique art pieces, such as metal statues or paintings.
  • Hand-lotions scented with her favorite aromas.
  • Pliable balls she can squeeze when the stress and frustration of planning a wedding gets too severe.
  • A reusable shopping bag that eliminates the waste of paper and plastic bags. Perfect for the environmentally-minded.
  • Cute leather traveling bags to hold toiletries on her honeymoon.
  • A gorgeous necklace with the name of the couples engraved across the beads.
  • Matching "friendship" bracelets that link you and her together forever.

These gift suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unique and creative bridal gifts. Just try to match the personality and taste of the bride as much as possible.

Money Doesn't Matter

The one drawback that comes with shopping from a gift registry is that it tends to offer only higher-end gift suggestions. In a vitally important gift-giving situation like a bridal shower, it's important to remember that money shouldn't be a major distraction from buying the best gift.

However, if you really and truly can't afford her suggested gifts, try to make her something fun with your own hands. Maybe a lace-edged picture frame with a picture of her and her future husband. Or perhaps a hand-built spice rack.

These items won't cost as much as a whole new set of jewelry, but they are just as useful and show off how much you care.

Understand Wedding Gift Superstitions and Traditions

There is a whole universe of beliefs surrounding weddings: bridal gifts are no different. You need to make sure you understand some of these unique concepts before attending a bridal shower.

A few common traditions and superstitions regarding bridal gifts and openings include:

  • Good luck comes to the guest whose gift is opened first.
  • The third opened gift promises a pregnancy in the future for the giver.
  • The creation of a bouquet made of ribbon ribbons tossed after the end of the wedding rehearsal. The catcher is, of course, the next in line to get married.
  • Making a cute little keepsake pillow out of the rest of the gift ribbon scraps.

If you need any more bridal shower gift ideas, don't hesitate to contact us. We're always willing to offer people access to the best jewelry and gift giving suggestions on the web.