Four Things to Consider Before Buying Anything at a Gift Shop

December 15 2015



Buying a gift for another person can either be an enjoyable or a stressful experience. The stress of the situation might be intensified if you go into the experience with no idea what you want to purchase. Before buying anything at a gift shop, consider the following four things.

The Recipient

If you are buying something for yourself, you know the recipient pretty well. Buying something for your spouse, child, parent, or another close family member or friend might not be too difficult either. If you are planning to buy something for someone you do not know as well, deciding what to get the person might be more difficult. When it doubt, consider things that person collects or things you know the person likes. You may even want to take into account things the person needs. While an item might seem interesting or exciting to you, consider whether the recipient would want that same item.

The Occasion

Certain gifts are more appropriate for different occasions. For example, household gifts such as spoons or home décor might be perfect for a wedding reception gift or for a recent high school graduate who is going to move into an apartment. Clothing or a new purse might be appropriate for a woman’s birthday gift. For a man’s birthday, a wallet or a new briefcase might be great gift options.

The occasion may also have an impact on how much you are willing to spend on the gift. While you might only spend fifteen or twenty dollars on a gift to show a friend you were thinking of him or her, you will likely spend quite a bit more for your spouse on your 40th wedding anniversary. Plus, you will likely want to put more thought into the 40th wedding anniversary gift than you would put into something you are just giving a friend for fun.

Practical or Personal?

While practical and personal do not have to necessarily be two separate things, sometimes you will face a decision between the two. Think about the person’s needs and what sort of gift that person would appreciate. Does the person need or really want a new serving spoon or other kitchen utensils? Does she need a new make-up case? Has he been admiring your new money clip?

Maybe you feel like something which is a little more unique will make a better gift. Unique, personal gifts are often best when you are shopping for someone who seems to have everything or when you find something which completely fits with your friend’s personality, particularly if your friend has mentioned wanting that item.

The Return Policy

If you know the person will like the gift, the return policy really does not matter. If, though, you are going out on a limb, hoping the person will like the gift, it is worth making sure it can be returned or exchanged. For example, at Curate Gifts, we accept returns on unused items purchased within the last 30 days. Exceptions include items such as gift cards and some health or personal care items. This means, if you are unsure about an item, it is probably a good idea to buy it closer to the day you are giving the gift to ensure you will be able to return it if the person does not like the gift.

While these four tips may help you find a great gift, if you do not know the person well or if the person is picky, sometimes it is nearly impossible to find the right gift. If you find yourself in that position, a gift card is always a great fallback present to ensure the person gets what he or she really likes.

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