Picking the Perfect Bridal Accessories

December 16 2015




When it comes to getting married, every bride wants to look her best. She wants the perfect dress. She wants her hair and make-up to look great. Having beautiful accessories is another essential for this special day. If you are getting married soon, consider the following tips for picking the perfect bridal accessories:

Match Your Metals to Your Dress

While you may not realize it, different metals look better with different colors. To enhance your look on your wedding, you will want to wear jewelry with metals that match the wedding dress. For example, if you are wearing a white gown, use platinum or silver, and maybe some pearls. Gold might clash with the dress. If you have an ivory gown, go with the gold jewelry as it will highlight the creamy tint of the fabric. With an off-white or diamond-white gown, you have a little more leeway as it looks good with silver, pearls, and gold (including yellow gold and rose gold). If you have a dress with elaborate beading, use that to help you dictate your accessories.

Consider Non-Jewelry Accessories

Accessories do not need to just be necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry. For some brides, a veil, headband, crown, gloves, or a belt sash are great accessories. While not every bride chooses to add these items to her bride look, if you want to add non-jewelry accessories, the items you choose should be given careful consideration.

When picking a veil, pick one that matches the exact shade of your gown. While you can add an elaborate veil to a simpler dress, if you have an ornate dress, a simple veil will help to not take away from the beauty of the dress.

Some women would rather not have a wedding veil. A beautiful headband, a flower crown, or even just gloves can add to the wedding look. Just make sure the accessories complement your dress.

For many women, the perfect non-jewelry accessory is a belt sash. Jeweled sashes, with consideration for the dress color, can enhance the beauty of a dress, especially if the dress is less ornate. A colored ribbon sash is another option, if you are looking to add a little color to your dress.

Do Not Go Overboard

One of the keys to making sure you look your best on your wedding day is to not go overboard. While accessories can enhance your look, too many accessories can become overwhelming. Start with the basics. Decide what you absolutely want. Maybe a veil and earrings are important, but a necklace and a sash are something you are willing to give up. The more ornate your dress, the less accessories you will likely want. If you are not sure what the appropriate level of accessories is, ask a friend to help you. Find a friend who will be honest, while also being mindful of your feelings.

Make it Your Own

This is your wedding day. Make it your own. If you are not comfortable wearing the veil your friends think looks great with your dress, do not wear it. If you want to wear the bracelet your mother and your grandma both wore on their wedding day but the metal is the wrong color, wear it anyway, if that is what you want to do. If you are someone who rarely wears jewelry and who feels uncomfortable wearing too many accessories, do not allow a friend or family member to convince you to go all out. It is your special day, and if you are comfortable and happy, it will show.

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