Visit a Unique Gift Shop for Your Winter Giving

December 28 2015

‘Tis the season to hang lights and ornaments. And ‘tis the season to buy things. There is just something about the chill in the air. It forces fireplaces and steamy drinks. It inspires the baking of cookies and muffins. People want to be home. People want to be with the people they love most. People want to be appreciated.



So sit down. Pour a cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate with marshmallows. Make a list of all the people you love because a list is the best way to ensure that you don’t miss anyone. Write everyone’s name down, and make a decision about gifts.

There are two schools of thought on winter gift-giving:

  • Give everyone you know the same small thing with a personalized note attached.
  • Give gifts only to your closest friends, and make the gifts personal.


    Of course, you could mix these two thoughts and please everyone to the maximum. People love to be thought of, and gift giving is one great way to show your affection. Giving a gift shows that you value the recipient so much that you took time from your life to think about them. And time is truly the gift that people appreciate.

    Learn to give gifts that have meaning by putting thought behind the tangible items. Put time into your giving, and put love into your giving. Give gifts that come from you, not just from your wallet.

    If you are going to give a lot of little gifts, make sure they are still thoughtful. People love to receive home goods as gifts because these are typically mundane items, used frequently. Yet when those mundane items are given a playful spin, like our wooden spoons that read “Flip out” and “Let it go,” everyday kitchen tasks receive new life. Tie a spoon with a curly ribbon, or wrap it in a shoebox. Make that spoon extra special by pairing it with a beautiful mixing bowl or a homemade muffin mix.

     Then, there are surely a few people who mean more to you than others. These people deserve bigger gifts.

    For a special lady in your life, choose a piece of designer jewelry. Choose one that speaks to you when you think of her. Does she love dainty necklaces, or large pendant necklaces? Does she love long slender earrings, or brightly colored studs?

    For the beer drinker, choose our Rebeer glasses, which bring history, art, and interest to a night around a fire pit. Add to this gift by purchasing a growler of beer from a local craft brewery.

    For the person who loves to entertain at the dinner table, consider our trivets which are bright and lively and perfect as a set, tied together with thick ribbon and wrapped in a sturdy box.

    Our organic-looking wine stoppers in Olive Branch and Black Orchid make a beautiful addition to the expensive bottle of wine you might be giving to your favorite wine connoisseur.

    Have you made your list of recipients yet? Go ahead, start it. When you finish, contact us because our gift shop offers a wide variety of handmade and unique products including designer jewelry, home goods, and art pieces that are sure to bring smiles to everyone on your list, whether you love them, like them, or just want to make them happy.