Five Questions to Ask When Buying Glassware as a Gift

January 04 2016


Are you struggling to choose the right glassware gift for a friend or family member? This process doesn't have to be complex: simply ask yourself the following questions to give yourself the guide you need. They'll help you not only choose the right style of glassware, but help you decide if it's appropriate as a gift at all.

Why are You Buying Glassware?

While it may seem silly to ask yourself this question, it's actually very relevant. Why are you buying glassware for this person over any other type of gift? Is it really what you think they want or are you simply out of good gift ideas? Or is glassware simply a fall-back gift for you?

Buying it too many years in a row may give your friend the idea that you're either lazy or thoughtless. Only buy glassware if you think it's the best gift for the situation. That way it'll appear more heartfelt when you actually do gift it.

Who Are You Buying For?

The person for whom you are buying glassware matters more than any other consideration: you need to match their taste, their style, and their particular glassware needs. Really be honest with yourself when considering this person's taste and ask yourself: what kind of glassware would they like?

For many people, a collection of simple glass tumblers may be all they need. This is especially true of families with children: they may be concerned that fancy or expensive glasses will be too tempting for the hands of their children. However, a single man who takes his beer drinking very seriously may want some heavy-duty drinking glassware.

Where Will They Be Used?

Knowing where glassware will be used is an important part of knowing what to buy. After all, you don't want to buy delicate wine glasses for someone who is looking to stock their downstairs sports bar: while they might be useful, they simply won't fit the environment.

Figuring out the answer to this question may take a little snooping and some careful questioning. Visit your friend and inspect their glassware when getting a drink. Are there any types that are low or any area of the home with few glasses? Try to buy for these neglected areas of the home.

When Will They Be Used?

Not every piece of glassware will be appropriate for every moment in your life: for example, pulling out a set of margarita glasses for a Christmas party is hardly appropriate. Likewise, it's good to think of when your friend may or may not use these particular glasses.

A lot of this has to do with the time of the year you buy the glasses. For example, if you guy the aforementioned margarita glasses for their birthday, they may get broken out for a few drinks right away. The same consideration should be made for glassware like ice tea glasses (perfect for summer) and coffee glasses (great for the cold of winter).

How Well Does it Match Their Glassware Styles?

People who love glassware are very serious about its style. Therefore, you need to be careful when choosing your gift. A quick inspection of their glassware will give you a feel for what they like: do they like simple and unadorned glassware or more stylized glassware with extravagant designs?

It may be even worth directly asking them what kind of glassware they like to buy. Do this in a very low-key manner, such as asking them the brand of the glass you're using to drink. Compliment them on it and see how they react: if they react very positively and admit they like that style and brand, you know what to get.

If you need any more help choosing the right glassware, please don't hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. We can help you make the right gift buying decision, no matter the circumstance.