Give the Gift of Home this Holiday with Elegant Home Goods

January 06 2016

Millburn NJ giftshop

When you begin searching for those perfect holiday gifts, consider the gifts that help make people feel at home -- unique tools for hostesses and hosts, elegant picture frames that match any décor, and fun vases that can be filled with anything as the seasons pass.

Home goods may seem like a tricky avenue to shop in, but with a little patience

and thoughtfulness, you can easily choose a plethora of gifts that will suit any house -- and help make it feel more like a home.

To Make Lasting Memories

The key to giving a picture frame as a gift? Put one of your favorite photos in it first. Whether it's of you and your giftee or your giftee and their partner, a beautiful frame like this olive branch mini frame with a lovely photo in it is sure to charm.

You can also work to use frames like scrapbooks -- perhaps ticket stubs from a favorite event, or a recipe that the two of you have created together. Nestled together in this chic Gotham frame, any memory would be all the sweeter. 

If your giftee has their own fur babies, you can also include them in the gift-receiving process. Something for your friend and Fido is not only cute -- it's thoughtful, too. A sweet frame like this dog bone frame makes the cut for cute and contemporary. 

To Keep Them Warm

Blankets are often an easy choice when it comes to home gifts, but why go with something obvious or expected when you could go exotic and luxurious? An alpaca throw is those two things combined -- soft and divine, your giftee will be delighted at the material it's woven from. 

You can also bring a little something to the table - if you'll excuse the pun -- with some traditional table décor that goes beyond the traditional design. A set of oxidized candle holders is a breathtaking addition to any tablescape, and will fit right in with whatever holiday you're celebrating.

Finally, if you know your giftee isn't too sensitive when it comes to smells, consider giving the gift of enveloping warmth through sweetly scented candles. This orange blossom candle offers a gentle wave of sweet-smelling orange, all in a beautifully craft glass votive. 

To Fill the Home That's Always Full

Anyone who loves to host dinner parties knows that there's no true shortage of serving platters and utensils. Make your host or hostess feel truly special with some unique additions to their collection, like this footed wooden serving board. Doubling as a trivet, it will be a doubly welcome guest for those who live in small spaces.

You can play double duty as gift-giver and food-bringer with something like an elegant cheese board - load it up with several cheeses and bring it to the party you're attending!

You can also gift a single statement piece such as this stainless steel ladle with elegant leaf design. The clean simplicity of it will be lovely in any home, and its use can range from a myriad of soups, to gravies, to punch. 

To Make a Statement

You can always give a gift that doesn't immediately lend itself to an obvious use -- while picture frames and ladles may have designated uses, gifts like decorative vases give recipients a little room for creativity. Vases can be filled with fresh flowers, dried sticks and berries, or used as centerpieces during the holidays. 

You may also consider a gift that's more in the world of "fun" than serious -- these handcrafted rewine glasses are perfect for many people, from Scrabble lovers, beer lovers, wine lovers, and those who enjoy a repurposed gift. 

We also love giving the gift of a serving bowl -- whatever holiday, dinner party, or celebration your host or hostess is putting on, they can fill it with any number of delicious delicacies. Something elegant like this sparrow bowl can both fit in nicely to any serving table, while still standing out as a special and memorable piece.

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