Finding Out Her Jewelry Style: A Modern Guide to Engagement Ring Selection

January 08 2016

It's been a long process - long weekends together, late night dates over drinks, getting to know the woman in your life until you're so certain that she's the one you want to be with. If you've gotten this far in the proposal process, then you've undoubtedly found someone you're looking forward to spending the rest of your life with. Congratulations! It's likely that the next few steps will be a breeze, although they might seem daunting at first.

Picking out the jewelry that your soon-to-be fiancée will be wearing as her engagement ring may hold a lot of weight, but fear not - determining her personal style is as easy as paying attention to your lovely partner.

As a side note: If you want to try and keep this as discreet as possible, you'll need to try and get your detective work done when she isn't around - shoot for times when she's at work or away on trips. Avoid asking obvious questions about her ring size or what kind of metal she prefers, especially if you've been dating a while. You'll have no luck surprising her with an engagement if you're bombarding her with questions while trying to figure out her personal style!

Take a closer look at her jewelry box

Specifically, the pieces that she wears on a day-to-day basis. Does she reach for flashy pieces, or more simplistic ones? Does she have much yellow gold in her collection, or does she prefer something else? But metal isn't the only thing to keep in mind. Does she like diamonds? What sort of cuts and mounts does she tend to favor? Is most of her jewelry in clean, even lines, or does she seem to favor more abstract or hammered pieces? 

Jewelry is an incredibly personal choice, and nothing is more personal than the ring she'll (hopefully!) be wearing for the rest of her life with you. By looking at the pieces she has chosen to buy for herself, you can determine what she absolutely loves.

Consider what is symbolic of your love

It doesn't all have to be yellow gold and diamonds! A multitude of ring choices, both in metals, stones, and designs exist. Think about a design combination that reflects the love you share with one another. Did you meet at an astronomy conservatory? Consider a ring with tiny diamonds representing her favorite constellation. Do you love to hike together? Metals can easily be shaped into a myriad of designs, including flowers, vines, and other foliage. Consider creating a custom piece that is symbolic of your relationship with your future wife, and not just of marriage in general.

Ask the women in her life

But be sure to be discrete! Many people have long-lived fantasies about their wedding day, and the ring is no exception. Could your bride have been imagining wearing her mother's engagement ring since she was a little girl? Perhaps she has always confided in her best friend that she would rather have an amethyst stone instead of a diamond. She may even be the kind of girl who has always been outwardly very alternative, but who has always pined for a very traditional princess cut diamond set in platinum. If you are struggling for clues, go to the women in her life, and find out what you can.

Shop with her

It may seem non-traditional, but many couples are choosing to shop alongside one another. Many women find the process of choosing their own ring to be a deeply intimate process, and one that they can share with their partner. If your bride-to-be is a particularly independent, confident, or opinionated woman (or, if she's mentioned this to you before) consider bringing her along for the window shopping.

We hope this will help guide you towards finding the perfect ring for the love in your life - if you have any questions about picking out one for that special someone, you can always contact us for additional support!