The Bridal Gift: Something New

January 11 2016

Bridal doesn’t just mean a fancy dress and a nice ring. To us, bridal means royal. On her wedding day, the bride is the queen. She deserves for all her dreams to come true. She deserves love and affection and the best looking groom on the planet. And she deserves nice things.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, after all. This is the woman's best day. This is the largest celebration in all her years. And you are invited to join the celebration!

As the bride is royal, so is the wedding and though each wedding is unique in decor and personality, there are two hard and fast rules to abide by at every wedding:

1.) Smile at the bride and tell her that she is beautiful.

2.) Give a thoughtful gift.

As for your smile, grab your best friend and ask them to help you. Here, we will talk about the wedding gift. After all, gifts are our forte. Gifts are what we do and what we love. We know there is value in the hand picked. We believe in gifts that are made with extra care by expert fingers, created unique and chosen specifically for the wedding to which you were invited.

First, let's talk about the registry, which the bride and groom have likely put together. It is full of suggestions. Generally these are things that the bride and groom will need in order to make their new house a home. Often these are items that the couple likes, but not a complete list of their desires. Browse through the registry to get an idea of the couple's flair. Have they registered for bath towels? Then they probably need bath towels. Have they asked for gift cards to a hardware store? Then they probably have some home improvement projects on the horizon. Have they registered for serving dishes? Then they probably like to entertain. 

Serving dishes, though, can be slightly boring. Instead of sticking to the normal white ceramic or wooden bowls, search through our serving dishes. We have an array of uniquely designed serving bowls, trays, spoons, and spatulas for every food. We have wooden bowls with organic, free form shapes. We have a black ceramic serving bowl which is pinched on the sides and perfect for a homemade dip.

Our serving dishes are not just serving dishes; they are art pieces that are sure to bring a smile, a bit of wonder, a bit of royalty that will last for all time. Classic, yet modern in their design, our pieces will bring conversation to a dinner that could otherwise become mundane. We eat routinely, but what we eat on does not have to be routine. 

Giving the gift of home decor is also a great way to show a bride and groom that you value them and their home. A beautiful home is more than just newly painted walls, hardwood floors, and granite counter tops. A beautiful home is one that, like a beautiful wedding, is rooted in the personality of the people who are building it. We aren't talking about hammers and nails, but the love, the personality, and the likes and dislikes of the homeowners. A home which is filled with unique items becomes more of a home than one that is filled with the mass produced. 

The next wedding you attend will be lovely because all weddings are, but we urge you to not only think about the wedding that has been planned; think about what you are taking. How can you add to the new man and wife, show them you appreciate them and support them on their new adventure. If you choose to purchase something from their registry, also get them something unexpected and unique.

Contact us before you buy a gift because we have so many spectacular artists who work to create beautiful things. We are sure you will find something to make your recipients smile again and again.