Jewelry in Emotion

January 12 2016

A good piece of jewelry can be even better than a great pair of shoes. Jewelry is always beautiful to the wearer, an adornment fitting particular style, an expression of color and emotion.

As Belgian fashion designer Ann Demeulemeester says, “Jewelry is something that has to do with emotion. That aspect of jewelry really interests me.” Ann Demeulemeester’s designs are often featured at Fashion Week in Paris, and in Vogue. She designs simply elegant clothing, often in black, sometimes in white or in color, often using solid colors but sometimes using repetitive patterns. She designs the kind of clothing which wardrobes long for. Not overly feminine, but just feminine enough.

There are others, many others, whom our wardrobes long for yet we love this quote from Ann. Can we call her Ann? A lovely name it is, for a lovely woman who is refinement and relaxation in one. Truly, we believe she is right. Jewelry has to do with emotion.

As in, a box is handed to you. It is tiny. It is hard. Good things come in small packages, you think. You smile. You hold that box for three seconds before you open it. The person in front of you, the giver, is someone you love. Someone who loves you. Someone who knows you and wants to know you more. A friend, a lover, a spouse. Anyone who hands you a tiny box is someone who believes in your emotions and is willing to allow your emotions into their own life.

So you open the box and there is a necklace, and it speaks to you. There is a pair of earrings, and their voice resonates. There is a bracelet which dances along your skin before you even touch it with your fingers. You gaze at the art piece in front of you.

Then you remove the jewelry from the box and you hold it in your hand. It rests on your fingers. You smile again. You say thank you, but it doesn’t seem like enough. To be given jewelry is to be given something greater: a relationship melded by beauty.

Jewelry is personal, as is anything we wear. Yet our clothing is also partly necessity.  Jewelry is never necessity. It is always extra, and so the gift of jewelry is a gift that says, “You are worth the extra because you deserve the best.”

The best. Meaning, somewhere beyond our own imagination. The best is somewhere over the rainbow, way up high. The best is something we might never purchase for ourselves or even seek for ourselves. The best is something given. Something unknowingly inspired by us, and when it is given, it is as if it were made first for us, the individual.

The jewelry at Curate Gifts strives for elegance. It is not extravagant, but at the same time it is. It is handmade with quality materials, holding within its soul an excellent craftsmanship and the ability to attract attention. Colors are soft, yet striking against human skin.

Jewelry. Ornaments. Love. Beauty. Friendship. Is there a woman in the world who does not love jewelry of some kind? Is there a woman in the world who cannot see beyond the physical thing of jewelry, for whom jewelry does not bring emotion? Is there a woman in the world who would not welcome a piece of fine metal for her neck or ears, a piece of soft leather for her wrist? We dare to say that even the few women who are self-proclaimed “not into jewelry” have probably not ever been given fine jewelry.

Are you unsure what kind of jewelry to purchase for your loved one? All you need to do is contact us, browse, and keep an open mind. Think about the receiver as you browse. Something will surely stick out to you and you will know that it is the perfect piece. Gifts are like that, always as perfect as the provoking intentions.