Unique Like Love, are Weddings and Gifts

January 13 2016

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You’ve thought about weddings, right? You’ve probably been to at least one or seen one in a movie. Most people have, but since we do not know every person on Earth, we don’t want to assume.

Wedding: a ceremony that exists for the joining of two people’s lives. It is a legal formality and the emotional, mental celebration of love. Weddings are beautiful, whether the bride and groom meet at the courthouse on a Wednesday afternoon or stand barefoot on a beach in Hawaii. Weddings are a beautiful beginning, as completely unique as the two people at the center.

Truly, a wedding is absolutely unique. Like snowflakes, no two are alike. They are held in barns, on swamps, in backyards, on beaches and vineyards and in botanical gardens. They boast extravagant steak dinners served by waiters in tuxedos, and they invite all guests through a mashed potato buffet line. They set up string quartets, DJ’s, a Spotify playlist. We dance at weddings, or we sit, we eat cake or cupcakes or candied apples. We pose in photo booths or we use an entire disposable camera for ourselves. We have tea or coffee or lots and lots of wine. We stay late into the evening or we spend only an hour eating modest hors d’oeuvres on tiny plates. We throw rice, we blow bubbles. We hold giant sparklers, or we clap as the new spouses float away on a cloud of joy. 

Whatever the specifications, weddings boast the preference of the bride and groom, and we bend to the details with awe because we love those people, we love the unique essence of them.

Unique as all weddings are, every wedding holds one thing in common: it is the beginning of a marriage.

Yet marriage is not the beginning. Love is the beginning. And if you really want to get down to it, birth is the beginning. When we’re babies, we’re alive. In all of our lives, we can only hope to be as alive as we were when we were babies: everything was new, everything was exciting. As babies, we were so vulnerable, so easy to love. Well, mostly so easy to love. Let’s not get caught up in this “babies are beautiful” thing, because we all know that when a baby is screaming and crying and cannot be soothed, then babies are absolutely not beautiful. Then, babies are terrifying. They cannot be helped except by time. And who wants to wait for time?

The wedding is not the beginning, but it is beautiful because when you get down to the center of it and consider the purpose, you will hear “I do.” You will hear a vow, a promise. You will see that love is born, love is committed.

We’ll say it again: weddings are beautiful. But looks have little to do with it. Love loves no matter what.

Marriage isn’t the beginning. Not at all. But it is the beginning of something. Something unique. 

When we celebrate  a unique love, we should give a unique gift. It should be something fitting for the specific love. Something fun, useful, entertaining. Something that says, “Congratulations!” “I believe in you!” “I love the way you love each other!” “I value your commitment to each other!” “I am excited to watch you grow together!” It should be something joyous, something that ends in an exclamation point.

Marriage, you know, is not for the weak at heart. Though born in love, marriage is hard work. Though we love to watch movies about the finding of a spouse; we cheer at the end when we see the lovers marry each other. They worked through a hardship, and they got married, and that’s the end because that’s all we want to see. Each marriage is as unique as the wedding that began it. Marriage requires vulnerability, and commitment, and encouragement.

Exciting, isn’t it? If you are searching for the perfect, unique, joyous wedding gift, we invite you to contact us. We are full of excitement.