These are More than Home Goods

January 14 2016

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Home. This is place where you live, the place where you sleep, the place where you cook. This is the place where you care for your daily needs, and this is the place that cares for you. 

Just as you are about more than skin, skeleton, fingernails, and hair, your home is about much more than walls and floors. Even if your home is blessed with Brazilian cherry hardwood floors and Sherwin Williams' fashionable grey walls, 4" crown molding and trim, bay windows and french doors, your home is more than its style. 

Your home is about your style, too.

And style is simply a distinctive appearance, achieved by the gathering of unique items personal to your taste. Your style is made from the things that are distinctive to you. So think unique. Think artistic. Think handmade. This is the goodness of your home. 

The term "home goods" refers to the goods that make a home, such as our lighthearted yet utilitarian wooden spoons engraved with the words "let it go" or our flat wooden spatula engraved with the words "flip out." These nuances are ever so subtle ways to incorporate humor, and therefore style, into your home.

Because you have to live in your home, style should not be strictly visual. Your every day things should all have a touch of your style.

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One of a kind wooden serving dishes incorporate the natural grooves that make wood so beautiful in the first place. We believe in natural things because people are natural. People are not chemically or mass produced, but one of a kind, unique gifts to the world.

And your style is certainly a gift, so use it to your advantage.

Are you into modern, sleek designs with geometric shapes and perfect storage compartments? Check out our serving pitchers in white with a large spout for easy pouring. Check out our Graybill and Downs scented candles and send yourself into a relaxation ceremony every time to get a whiff.

Are you into organic, free form, unpredictable and extremely artistic things? Check out our black orchid wine stop, our olive branch mini frame or our small serving bowl with garden pattern. Any of these things are sure to inspire your home into new levels of beauty. 

Not forced beauty, but beauty that comes from within your very soul. Beauty that seeps out of you. This is true beauty, when we are authentic and unmade. 

We encourage you to bring your style into full force in your home! Love the one you're with, right? Well you are the one you are with the most, so you should make sure your surroundings fit your style. 

Contact us because we are experts in unique styles. We love jewelry, displayed on tables as well as necks and wrists and ears. But we also love jewelry when displayed on walls and counter tops. We encourage you to view your home as a setting ripe for decorations. Just as you desire earrings in your ears that perfectly speak to your temperament and your needs yet also match your complete outfit, we encourage you to desire art that fits your home, your style, and your personal requirements. 

It is always the perfect time to decorate. So keep your eyes open as you travel through your life. When something catches your eye and does not let you leave it alone, it is probably trying to tell you that it was made for you and needs to be placed in your home. Because your home is yours. Not your neighbor's. Not your friend's. It's yours. So let it be yours truly.