3 Special Occasions That Are Perfect For A Glassware Gift

January 19 2016

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There are many occasions that call for thoughtful gift-giving. There are annual celebrations that you can expect on a regular basis, like birthdays, holidays and anniversaries, and then there are special events that only come around once in a lifetime like weddings, baby showers, and milestone anniversaries. While the ultimate focus of any of those beautiful moments in time is and will always be the people you're with and the joy that you share with them, it doesn't hurt to show up with a truly meaningful gift that's both appropriate and elevates the occasion. 

For your loved ones who deserve the best gifts and for those gift-giving situations where you want to really impress, here are 3 special occasions to give a glassware gift:

1. Wedding One of the most momentous events in a person's life is their wedding day. It marks the beginning of the rest of their life with their soulmate and true partner, and it's typically a grand celebration of love and family for not only the couple but for their guests as well. As a wedding guest, your main job is to show up and have a great time, and, to bring a gift that aptly reflects your affection for the couple. While you could easily opt for something like a toaster, a set of kitchen knives or some other random household item like virtually every other guest will bring, if you want to make the couple really happy - go for glassware. A beautiful set of wine glasses or his and hers champagne flutes are sure to impress and are perfectly suitable for this wonderful occasion.

2. House-Warming 

A house-warming is another occasion that marks a very important event in most people's lives, since buying a home is usually the biggest single investment the average person will make in their lifetime. Your new homeowner friends will probably have a list of things they'd like as a house-warming gift, but if you want your gift to really stand out among the rest, then glassware is the way to do it. Think: stemware for your wine lovers, a great pitcher for your friend who throws all of the parties, cocktail glasses and beer mugs for your friends who love a good drink, or a beautiful vase for that flower-loving friend. Your friend will not only thank you, but they're also likely to actually put your gift to great use - what better feeling is that?

3. Third Anniversary Themed anniversary gifts are not as popular a concept as it was in the past, but traditionally speaking, every anniversary year represents a different kind of material for a husband and wife to gift to each other. For example, in tradition, the first, second and third anniversary should have paper, cotton, and leather as gifts, respectively. Tradition has evolved over time, however, to include a bigger variety of contemporary gift items for husbands and wives to give each other to honor their anniversary year. If you're celebrating your third year of marriage, you can give leather like in old tradition, or you can also give crystal, pearls, or our favorite, glass. Giving glassware on this occasion would be especially surprising and impressive because it's an unexpected material that still conveys elegance and preciousness. Just imagine how much she would love a jewelry plate or delicate perfume bottle!As you can see, glassware truly is a perfect gift item for any one of these three special occasions in your life, and it's something to keep in mind for any other gift-giving event of the year as well.  Contact us if you're in the market to find that perfect special gift for your loved one.