Thoughtful Wedding Gifts, Prompted by Love

January 25 2016

Thoughtful Wedding Gifts-NJ giftshops

How does a woman know that a man is truly ready to pledge his love to her? It has been said by sages of old, that love is known by the deeds it prompts. If we were to judge by his actions, we can clearly see that in what is probably the most extravagant wedding in recent history, the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheik Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, declared his love for the beautiful Princess Salama in an elaborate seven-day marriage ceremony and celebration back in 1981.

What made this wedding so spectacular, started with the prince's choice of venue. He built it. Because no place could be found that was exceptional enough for the prince and his new bride, he did what any man in love would do, and had a 20,000 seat amphitheater custom created for their celebration.

For seven days, noted guests and favored dignitaries from around the world partied in style with the groom to the tune of over $100 million dollars by today's financial standards. The one of the culminating moments during the celebration was when the groom presented his bride with gifts which were delivered by twenty camels, which were themselves adorned for the occasion with smatterings of jewels.

The extravagance of the planned celebration was, indeed, over the top.

Likewise, the British royals spared no expense as they welcomed Lady Diana Spencer into the family when she wed Prince Charles in 1981. In many ways, Princess Diana lived out what is the fairy tale dream of many little girls. Wearing an ivory silk wedding gown with a train of twenty-five feet, arriving at St. Paul's Cathedral in London via a horse-drawn carriage that would make Cinderella jealous, Diana's wedding carried a hefty price tag of approximately $70 million dollars by current estimations. 

Because love is known by the deeds that it prompts, the giving of gifts has been a traditional part of wedding celebrations. In most cultures, the bride and groom make elaborate exchanges. Here in America, most couples exchange rings. In other parts of the world, instead of giving a gift to the bride herself, the groom is expected to give the father of the bride a gift in the form of a dowry, which may be a flock of goats, a pair of camels, or precious metals or jewels. 

Following American traditions, a happy couple often presents the members of their wedding party with small gifts of appreciation. The bride may give her bridesmaids jewelry to wear in the wedding. The groom may present his groomsmen with pocket watches, money clips, or flasks, which can be engraved with the date to mark the occasion.

The happy couple may also present gifts to honor their parents, grandparents, and other people who have played significant roles in their lives. 

And of course, it is an honor for those who know and love the newly married couple to shower them with love, good wishes, and gifts with which the bride and groom can set up their new home together.

No matter their position in life, most couples desire the same thing: a wedding to remember. Whether the bride and groom are members of a royal family, or blue-collar wage earners with a budget of $31,000, they want their wedding to be unique, hold special significance, and be memorable. 

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