Curated Gifts and Games Make An Unforgettable Bridal Shower

January 27 2016

Unforgettable Bridal Shower - curate gift

The bridal shower is a well-loved tradition that has evolved significantly since it began in the 1890's. Initially, it was an event to ensure that the wedding was able to take place. Guests gave financial contributions as well as goods needed for the actual wedding day. My how things have changed! Today's shower is a social event to provide nice gifts for the bride-to-be; it also allows the wedding party as well as the guests to get to know one another better and have some fun.

More recently though, the tradition of playing games at the bridal shower has come along. This begs the question: What games shall we play?

If you're the host, you definitely want to keep the occasion enjoyable. To help you keep the festivities happy, here are a few popular bridal shower games to try:

  • Memory Lane Mysteries. If the bride is a sentimentalist, she'll love this one. Along with the shower invitations, include a blank note card. Ask that each guest write down her favorite memory of the bride. Collect the note cards as guests arrive at the shower. When the time is right, have the memories read out loud, either the host can do all of the reading or each guest can read a random card. Ask the bride-to-be to guess which guest wrote it. She'll be touched to reflect on the memories as she begins this new chapter in her life.
  • Play-dough wedding cake. Supplies needed: play-dough in various colours, time. After setting a timer for 5-minutes or so, have each guest try to sculpt the play-dough into a wedding cake. The bride-to-be will choose which one she likes the best.
  • Wedding poems. Supplies needed: small wedding album, paper and pen. Divide the guests into teams of two and give each team a wedding word. They have 10 minutes to write a poem that incorporates that word. Each team reads their poem to the bride-to-be. She chooses which she likes. Give her all the poems in an album.
  • Wedding Charades. No supplies needed. Play this game like the classic game of charades except - each movie, song, book, etc. that is acted out must be related to a wedding or marriage.
  • What was she wearing? After some time has passed and the guests have had a good chance to interact with the bride, the host will ask her to step out of the room. Everyone will be given paper and pen to write down all the details they know about the bride's outfit. This game works on a point system, so the more specific the better. Points are earned based on remembering color, pattern, brand, etc. The hostess adds up the guests points based on accurate information. The guest with the most points wins.
  • Love story. Supplies needed: Pen and paper. Guests take turns adding to a nice, romantic story about the bride and groom. Example: "Chloe and William met in high school". Pass the paper around so each guest can write a new line. But after each person writes her line, she should fold the paper to hide all lines except theirs. At the end, unfold the paper and read the beautiful love story to the bride-to-be.

Curated Gifts and Games Make An Unforgettable Bridal Shower

Most hosts choose to congratulate winners with gifts. Either way, these silly games are sure to get a lot of laughs. And the bride-to-be will forever remember this forerunner to her special day.

Whether you're the host looking for gifts to congratulate game winners or if you're a guest looking for a gift for the bride, contact us to find something unique that she's sure to love.