5 Tips for Buying Engagement and Wedding Rings with Personality

January 29 2016

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Buying an engagement ring for the woman you want to marry is no easy task.  You’re probably already nervous about popping the question.  In addition to this, you have to think about the best way to propose and what type of ring to buy.  Do you take her to a fancy restaurant and slip the ring into her champagne glass?  Or do you cook her dinner and get down on bended knee?  Do you organize a flash mob to express all your feelings for her?  Or do you bring out a family heirloom to propose to her with?  The possibilities are endless.  And the bar is set really high because you keep hearing about the various creative ways in which men are proposing to women.  So you can’t help wondering if you’re somehow going to fall short.  At least when it comes to engagement and wedding rings, you don’t have to worry too much as long as you follow these tips:

  1. What type of metal does your fiancée usually wear?  Have you generally seen her wearing silver earrings or yellow gold ones?  If she usually wears silver, then you can go with a white gold engagement ring because this will match all her other jewelry and clothes.  If she tends to wear yellow gold, then go with a yellow gold ring.  There’s also rose gold which is a pinkish type of alloy that combines gold and copper.  If your fiancée loves pink, then chances are she’s going to like rose gold too.
  2. Solitaire Setting. This is a type of stone setting that is often used in engagement rings.  It consists of one big rock in the center of the band.  The band itself may also be paved with smaller diamonds but the pièce de résistance is the big diamond in the center.  If your fiancée likes the simple but elegant look, a solitaire is probably going to be just right for her.
  3. Halo Setting. This is a statement-making ring which consists of one large diamond in the center and a ring of smaller diamonds around it.  You get the effect of a very large ring without getting a really large stone.  The combination of large and small stones creates more of a sparkle as well.  If your fiancée loves large pieces of statement-making jewelry and bold colors, chances are she’ll love a halo setting.
  4. Pavé Setting. A pavé setting is generally great for a wedding ring rather than an engagement ring.  It consists of a band with a series of small diamonds encrusted in it.  It’s as though the band is paved with diamonds which is where the term “pavé” comes from.  In addition to getting a pavé band as a wedding ring, you can also go with a solitaire encrusted in a pavé band or a halo setting with a pavé band for the engagement ring.
  5. Considering her Personality. The most important thing about the engagement and wedding bands is that they have to suit your fiancée’s personality.  You can’t buy something simple for someone who likes something fancy and vice versa.  Is your fiancée playful?  Then maybe she would like something with flowers and vines.  Does she love going retro?  Then rose gold, oxidized gold or a hand-hammered look might work for her.  It’s important for the engagement and wedding rings to match her personality because she’s going to be wearing them all the time.  Plus, keep in mind that bigger isn’t always better.  You don’t want to get her something that overwhelms her hand.  The rings should be convenient to wear as well as beautiful.

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